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Why Mind Over Matter Solutions LLC?


You don't have to be a big business to be an employer of choice! Mind Over Matter believes that we are only limited by our own fears and imagination. I also believe that your employees, whether there are 2 or 102, are the true drivers of your success as a business. If employees feel valued, invested and engaged in the business, they will increase your bottom line and enjoy themselves while doing it. Feeling valued isn't just about fair compensation. It's about recognition for a job well done, for improving in an area that you wanted them to work on, and making it a priority to give them honest feedback to help them grow and feel valued. 

The core values of Mind Over Matter Solutions LLC are:

Integrity - Do everything with integrity, take the high road, assume the best in people first; do the right things for the right reasons no matter how much you may not want to at times!

Compassion - Do everything with sensitivity to the experience of others; objectively, assuming the best in people first.

Honesty - Be honest with yourself and others even if people aren't always honest with you. Be open to constructive criticism and don't pretend things are something they are not just to get other people's approval; it's not worth what you do to yourself in the process and puts more distance between you and truly reaching your goals.

Empowerment - Empower others to be the best that they can be. Show them the way and then encourage them to add their own style and skills to make it their own. 

Mind Over Matter Solutions will provide you with the training and tools to help you grow and be an employer of choice if you want to be, reduce turnover, increase and maintain morale which will improve your bottom line. My focus is on small businesses in particular and any size business in general with the goal of empowering you be the best you can be with affordable, reliable, human resource and organizational development services.

Your time is valuable...


“Unmanaged conflict is the largest reducible cost in organizations today, and the least recognized.“ 

— Dan Dana (quoted 1988 ... 2013) 

A 30 minute FREE introductory consultation is provided to each business.

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